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Cassoulet With Lots Of Vegetables

Published April 22, 2018

One of our favorite recipes from Food Matters gets an update to make it even more flexible so that it’s essentially a pot of beans with just enough animal protein, if you choose, to add body and flavor. Mark frequently demonstrates as an example of “less meatarianism” though you can certainly cook hearty root vegetables in Step 1 and call it vegan cassoulet. Either way, it’s an excellent vehicle for the odds and ends from the produce drawers in your fridge.

Flageolet — immature, slightly green kidney beans — are the default for the classic French dish. For this batch, I started with Kayla’s favorite Camelia brand baby limas, which have a similar grassy color and taste. (They were part of a precious care package from my sister in New Orleans.) I cooked them with several bay leaves until they just started breaking apart then used them in the recipe, along with some of the cooking liquid, and socked the rest away for another day.