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Everything-But-The-Chicken Salad

Published July 14, 2022

A fresh favorite from ‘Dinner for Everyone’

When I grew up, way back in the twentieth century, there was always a huge jar of mayo – Hellmann’s of course, and only Hellmann’s, for whatever reason – and mayo was important. (Olive oil, for all intents and purposes, only existed for people of Mediterranean origin; you couldn’t even buy it in a supermarket.)

My mom, who was the primary — read, only — cook in the house, used it liberally, but it was us kids who “discovered” that there were few limits: We’d spread toast with it, eat it hot (revolutionary at the time), dip cold potatoes into it (deconstructed potato salad, I guess), and more. 

Nowadays, most of our mayo is homemade: It takes 30 seconds and kills the store-bought stuff, whatever brand. (Yes, there’s still a jar of Hellmann’s in the fridge.) And often that homemade mayo is vegan, usually with a base of silken tofu. That’s also easy to make, though of course, you can buy a variety of substitutes. The development of vegan mayo – something that really didn’t exist in my childhood – allows everyone to enjoy deli-style salads, like coleslaw, macaroni, potato, and so on. (Read more about it in this piece from Kerri.)