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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Knives

Published July 26, 2022

How many do you need? Does it matter if you get a good one or a cheap one? How often should you sharpen? And other questions answered.

Today, we’ve got a discussion with Corey Milligan, co-founder of New West KnifeWorks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, maker of one of Mark’s favorite knives.

Corey moved to Jackson Hole in what started as a way to enjoy the outdoors — and cook in local restaurants. As a line cook, he craved a better knife, and ended up making his own. As much as they’re practical, they’re also beautiful — and were featured in art shows as well as professional kitchens. “The toughness and hardness of the steel are what’s important,” Corey told Salt Lake Magazine, citing his knives among the highest performing kitchen knives in the world today.