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How To Build a Wood-Fire Grill

Published July 1, 2022

And this week’s links ICYMI

Hi there. We hope you’re on your way to summertime relaxation and fun for this long holiday weekend. We have some leisurely reading material for you from Mike Diago — a piece on how he built his grill — which we think is appropriate for the unofficial grilling holiday, the Fourth of July. Here’s a link to the piece where he first talks about it on The Bittman Project.

The Bittman Project
A DIY Grill Inspires a Summer’s Worth of Dinners
At some point, I decided I’d rather grill with wood than gas. It smells better, there’s a wider range of heat, and it’s more cathartic. Recently, I finished building the wood-fired grill station of my dreams. It has a white stucco base with built-in wood storage and a firebrick top with a blue and white tile counter area. It’s all part of a larger campaign to make my backyard feel like a lazy rustic villa…
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In addition, we’ve got our Friday roundup of this week’s posts. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here Tuesday.