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ICYMI, Plus New Recipes and Links

Published June 10, 2022

We’re into spicy cucumber dishes for the weekend

In case you missed it, this week, we featured recipes inspired by Mike Diago’s amazing DIY grill. Kayla Stewart was on the podcast with the great Miss Emily Meggett talking about Gullah Geechee cuisine and the book they co-wrote, Gullah Geechee Home Cooking. And Mark has a recipe for tuna and kale that a lot of us are excited to replicate.

The Bittman Project
A DIY Grill Inspires a Summer’s Worth of Dinners
At some point, I decided I’d rather grill with wood than gas. It smells better, there’s a wider range of heat, and it’s more cathartic. Recently, I finished building the wood-fired grill station of my dreams. It has a white stucco base with built-in wood storage and a firebrick top with a blue and white tile counter area. It’s all part of a larger campaign to make my backyard feel like a lazy rustic villa…
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The Bittman Project
Great Food, Big Love
“My interest is in people. In love. In care. And I said, my children were my priority. I said if I can take care of them, then I’d be able to take care of others out there in the world. I said, I’m never too tired, especially if someone says they’re hungry…
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The Bittman Project
Cooking by Instinct
Listen now (6 min) | This is a little longer than a “Just Do It” that Kate introduced last week — which you’ll see more of soon — but it’s certainly in the spirit of it. More from Mark below. — Melissa You know when there’s a tricky moment in traffic when you have to trust your instincts — and that works — because you actually know what you’re doing? I suppose if you’re good at tennis, it’s similar. Here comes a tough shot: Instead of thinking, you just return it well — maybe even aggressively…
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We’re starting to see cucumbers at the farmers market, so we’ve got a couple of recipes for you to play with. First, as you may recall, our Sichuan-style cucumbers are impossible to resist. Next, for a light lunch or dinner, cold fiery noodles are like a salad, with lots of crisp vegetables and a light, hot-sweet dressing.