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In Defense of Anchovies

Published March 3, 2022


This underdog ingredient is transformative when it comes to flavor

Mark talks about the glories of anchovies, in particular when paired with puntarelle salad in an anchovy vinaigrette. Combine three parts olive oil, a quarter light vinegar or lemon juice, a sliver of garlic if you want, and one anchovy, then blend it together. Put that on any salad and you’ll become a salad eater. “I swear it was because I made an anchovy vinaigrette,” says Mark.

Below we’ve got a recipe for puntarelle salad from my partner and Mark’s friend, Rick Easton, from his upcoming book, Bread and How to Eat It, coming out from Knopf in 2023. We also have a more formal vinaigrette recipe and broccoli rabe with anchovy and garlic. Thanks for reading. — Melissa