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Thanksgiving Sides Aren't Just for Thanksgiving

Published October 26, 2021


They’re crowdpleasers all season long

[Editor’s note: We have Mark here talking about several of this week’s recipes — starting with how to vary stuffed squash, transitioning to a childhood memory tied to potato nik, moving into why he loves beet rosti, and wrapping up with his thoughts about the Thanksgiving meal. We’ll try to incorporate more audio in our Monday recipe round-up if it’s something you like. Thanks for listening. — Melissa]

Assuming we’ll be able to gather with friends and family for the winter holidays, we’re starting to leaf through cookbooks and online recipes to pull out favorites for Thanksgiving and beyond. Below, we’ve put together a short collection of greatest hits when it comes to sides — dishes that you can roll out now if you’d like, and still love them throughout the season. The ones here are hearty enough to serve for dinner with the addition of meat or tofu, rice, dal, or a hearty fall or winter salad. Enjoy.