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The Recipe for Those Who Love Creamy Desserts

Published December 21, 2021


An Earl Grey and orange cardamom spin on tiramisu

We are a superfan of Holly Haines: Her recipes, her cooking videos, her writing, and, everything about her. You can find her on The Bittman Project and really explore her recipes on Instagram and her home page. Here’s a little get-to-know-her audio, plus her spin on tiramisu we’re excited to make. Enjoy. — Melissa

My preferred genre of dessert is “creamy.” Give me a panna cotta, a creme brulee, leche flan, I love it all. Naturally, I have quite a few variations of tiramisu. For this version, I’m swapping out the espresso for strongly-brewed Earl Grey tea. The mascarpone is flavored with orange zest and ground cardamom, and sweetened with honey. And, instead of cocoa powder on top, a light dusting of chai masala powder for a hit of warm spices — I like the blend from Diaspora Co