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Cheese Fondue

By Mark Bittman

Published February 10, 2020

You can make fondue even if you don’t own a multi-piece set. Any enamel or ceramic-lined pot will do. Instead of the classic Swiss cheeses like Gruyère or Emmental (or Appenzeller, Fribourg, or Vacherin), any good melting cheese—like cheddar, Jack, Comté, or fontina—will work fine. Even the alcohol is flexible: Dry and acidic white wines are good for balancing the heaviness of the cheese, but beer, dry cider, and red wine are also nice.

Cheese Fondue - The Bittman Project
Photo: Aya Brackett
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Classic dippers are cubes of crusty or hearty bread, cooked meat, and cut-up fruits and vegetables. Whether they’re cooked or raw, be sure the vegetables are completely dry, or the fondue will not stick to them.


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Cheese Fondue

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