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3 Different Menus For New Year's Eve

Published December 28, 2020

What to cook if you’re feeling fancy, lazy, or sick of meat

I’ve put together three different New Year’s Eve menus (appetizer, main, and dessert) to cater to a few different moods. There’s the “fancy” menu for anyone feeling slightly ambitious (or in need of distraction), the “lazy” menu for anyone who just wants to cook the dinner equivalent of sweatpants (very on-brand for 2020), and the “I’m sick of meat” menu for anyone who’s either vegan or wants to eat like one for a night. Here’s where I landed:

For the “fancy” menu: Gravlax; Steak Au Poivre with Mushrooms; Poached Pears with Star Anise and Ginger Creme Anglaise. (The gravlax is surprisingly easy but takes a few days to cure, so if you want that by New Year’s Eve, start soon.)