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Rick Easton’s Grapefruit Salad

My partner Rick is a baker and also a true minimalist: Like Mark, he believes when it comes to cooking, less is more. When he first made me this grapefruit side salad during citrus season, I was kind of taken aback at how simple it is. But especially with beautiful fruit and good olive oil, it’s revelatory. — Melissa

Pierogi Day, Ukrainian Style

Plus a few other Eastern European-style dishes for fall

Just Do It: Xi'an-Style Hot Oil Noodles

Proceed with caution

More Zippy Weeknight Meals

Going beyond my repertoire

Tofu and Cauliflower à la Suvir

Tofu and Cauliflower à la Suvir

A quick braise based on a Chinese-Indian dish known as “Manchurian cauliflower” made famous by my friend (and phenomenal chef) Suvir Saran. I’ve been doing different interpretations for years since the ketchup-based sauce is amazing with virtually everything. Serve in a rice or grain bowl (if you’re not cutting carbs) or stuffed into sub rolls.

A Dialing-Back-Carbs Week

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Homey 20 minute recipes from the vast Kitchen Express archive

This Salad Is a Lot of Work and Worth It

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When Cooking Is the Main Event

A collection of Bittman-inspired dishes from the weekend

Orecchiette with Salmon and Leeks

Orecchiette with Salmon and Leeks

My mother probably eats more salmon than anyone I know: on a plank, in pasta, as a burger, in a sandwich. I knew we’d kick off the weekend with it and sure enough, she didn’t let me down. This recipe is a good one that Kate Bittman also cooks with her family.

How To Build a Wood-Fire Grill

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