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By Request, My Favorite 3-Ingredient Recipes

Published November 30, 2018

Since we launched this newsletter back in October, a LOT of you have reached out with questions, comments, sacred family recipes, odes to your hometowns and your turducken, and plenty of suggestions for things you’d like us to write about.

Some of you want foolproof dinners for your culinarily-challenged spouses to cook (“Because I can’t. Do. Everything”); others want to make sourdough from scratch. Some want to make vegetarian food more appealing to carnivores; others want to dry-age steaks. Some of you want to get better at cooking for your families, while others want tips for cooking for one (“It’s difficult to halve an egg”).

There are countless more. It’s satisfying to hear from you and to know that, as a group, we have diverse and compelling interests regarding cooking and food. Please: Keep ‘em coming!

As a realist, and someone who’s easily distracted, I recognize that it’s impossible to tackle all the things you ask about. But what I will do is occasionally base a newsletter entirely or partly around a topic that many, or some, or one of you wants to see, or learn, or cook. (How’s that for commitment?) And there’s no time like the present…

A bunch of you have asked for some of my favorite three-ingredient recipes, a fun place to start and a subject we’ll probably come back to. While I’m guessing that the spirit of these requests is less about a hard cap on ingredients than about wanting simple, delicious dishes that don’t require all sorts of random things that you might not have on hand, I’m taking the challenge seriously.

So, excluding salt, pepper, and oil, the recipes below have three ingredients: seriously. They span a range of categories (soup, pasta, fish, meat, veggies, and dessert), and are genuinely satisfying to cook and eat, regardless of how many things go into them.

Of course, if you garnish your garlicky white bean soup with parsley and Parm, or serve your butter-roasted salmon with rice and greens (illicit ingredients numbers four and five in both cases), more power to you, and the dishes will remain uncomplicated. Let me know how it goes, send me any three-ingredient favorites of your own, and enjoy the weekend.

— Mark

Romulo Yanes