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Food with Mark Bittman: Bill McKibben

Mark talks to the astute environmentalist and writer about climate: The good news and the bad, how we can stop setting things on fire, the most important thing an individual can do, and how to make good trouble. Plus: Is Earth Day still relevant? And Kate takes the next round of questions for food stylist Barrett Washburne: all about his essential styling tools and how to take better food photos.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Alice Waters

Mark and Kate talk to food’s most tireless champion about public education as the last bastion of democracy, thirty years of Edible Schoolyard, and tomato confit. PLUS: Food stylist Barrett Washburne is back, and talks to Kate about how much food is thrown out vs eaten on a shoot, the best way to make something look like it’s fresh out of the oven, and food styling tips and tricks.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Tom Philpott

Journalist Tom Philpott talks to Mark about how to decode wonky farm bill conversations (and why it matters), why we’re having another erosion crisis, and how to turn farmers into conservationists without telling them what to do. PLUS: Food stylist Barrett Washburne talks to Kate about how he got into food styling and how he feels about it, why pots and pans always look so clean on TV, and how to get YOUR pots and pans really clean.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Von Diaz

Oral historian and journalist Von Diaz talks to Mark and Kate about the connections that tropical islands share, in general and as related to cooking; the urgency to perfect dishes, build a resilient pantry, and learn to cook sustainably when living on a tropical island; the culture of kindness that seems to emanate from island living; and what got her so interested in telling other people’s stories.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Allison Robicelli

Washington Post columnist Allison Robicelli talks to Mark and Kate about the shame that comes with alcoholism, sobriety as a “trend” and watching things change, and why nonalcoholic beverages are so important.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Patrick Joyce

Leading British social historian Patrick Joyce talks to Mark and Kate about the actual meaning behind the word “peasant” and why it’s been co-opted so much, what we should be mourning about the near loss of peasant life and what we can learn from it, and the poignancy of seeing generations change.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Lelani Lewis

The thoughtful and talented chef talks to Mark and Kate about why she named her dinner series and new book Code Noir, after a monstrous set of French regulations put into effect by Louis XIV; why some island cultures gradually veer towards the cultural homogeneity of the US; why pulling on heartstrings is sometimes the best way; and her showboat recipe.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Greg D’Alesandre

The Dandelion Chocolate Chief Sourcerer talks to Mark and Kate about why there’s massive volatility in the cocoa market right now, what sustainable and fair sourcing actually means in the cocoa industry, and how and why people should think about chocolate differently.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Mavis-Jay Sanders

Chef Mavis-Jay Sanders talks to Mark and Kate about how she got into cooking and why her parents were unsure about it, her transition from being a chef to being a chef-activist and the work she does in both areas, and why knowing how to give feedback successfully is one of the most important lessons a person can learn — in every field. 

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Food with Mark Bittman: Jamie Oliver

The wildly popular chef and champion of good food talks to Mark about what’s changed in his almost 25 years of cooking in the public eye, big picture food advice, and why there’s room for optimism.

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Food with Mark Bittman: George Stiffman

Tofu evangelist George Stiffman talks to Mark and Kate about working under a fifth-generation tofu master, the vast array of misconceptions Americans have about tofu, why the misunderstood protein is better than fake meat, and a personal favorite: exploding juice tofu.

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Food with Mark Bittman: Michele Norris

Journalist Michele Norris talks to Mark about how she came to start her podcast, Your Mama’s Kitchen; the standout moments in her (amazing) career; and how she preps for meals 30 days ahead.

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“Live” With José Andrés and Mark Bittman!

A few things from us today, but no Marksisms — Mark has been busily working on Community Kitchen this week, which is super exciting, and today interviewed someone wonderful for the podcast.

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Tom Colicchio’s Stuffing, Ironed Toast, and General Goodness

Getting spirited with comfort food and people we like a lot View this post on Instagram A post shared by…

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The Choreography of Cooking

Plus: Being delighted by squash, what “heritage” means, and I get interviewed This Week’s Marksisms For the Love of Squash…

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Junghyun "JP" Park: How to Eat Korean Food

Plus: JP’s kimchi mandu, how discoveries happen, and FOOTBALL Food with Mark Bittman: Junghyun “JP” Park I’m personally so thrilled…

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Junghyun "JP" Park's Napa Cabbage Kimchi and Kimchi Mandu

As featured on Food with Mark Bittman Mark and I loved interviewing JP Park on Food with Mark Bittman to…

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Changing Lunch Options, One School at a Time

Plus: Good eats in DC, the so-called Skittles “ban,” and a stupid use of AI This Week’s Marksisms Food with…

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