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Cooking for One: Dead-of-Winter Peach Cobbler

Published January 29, 2024

No perfectly ripe peaches? No problem.

All photos: Holly Haines

Every year around this time, I find this giant jar of peaches on sale at Costco, and every year I promise myself I’ll do something spectacular with the perfectly preserved whole fruits.

And, every year, I end up scooping one cold peach out of the jar at a time, and inhaling it over the sink like a monster until they’re all gone. Fortunately this year, I’ve shown just enough self-restraint to cook one up into a single-serving cobbler.

This is a minified version of my good friend Logan’s grandmother’s recipe, and it’s simple enough to be adjustable to fit your cravings.

A little sprinkle of cinnamon is classic, but a pinch of ground cardamom, a few drops of rose water, and a sprinkle of pistachios at the end make it a whole new dessert. Fresh (or frozen) soft fruits like strawberries, cherries, raspberries, or blueberries can also work well. Sometimes I crave more cobbler than fruit—the recipe easily doubles when more carbs are necessary. The top is like cake, the center is moist and luscious—Logan thinks the secret is the drizzle of peach syrup, and I think he might be right.

It’s perfect on its own, but a scoop of cold ice cream gives the hot and cold play in temperature that I love in desserts.