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Got Greens? ROAST THEM.

Published April 10, 2023

Move over, cabbage: It’s time to yield the spotlight to the sprouts, leaves, and flowers of spring

I wrote this piece at my desk between bites of lunch: assorted tender leaves from my all-greens CSA, which are dropped off on our doorstep every Friday. I braised them quickly in a relatively mild tomatillo salsa I got from the farmer’s market. Some spoonfuls were spicy with mustard greens, others peppery with arugula; the earthiness of turnip, the sweetness of spinach, and the bitterness of curly kale came through when least expected.

Oh, I know how lucky I am to live in the Pacific Northwest, where the season for tomatoes may be brief but excellent mushrooms and greens grow year-round. And to have salad, sprouts, and braising vegetables delivered fresh weekly? Sheer luxury. Springtime, however, is the great equalizer. Now everyone can enjoy the very best of both common and unusual greens, whether you get them from everyday supermarkets, international grocers, home gardens, or directly from farms.