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Here Is One of My All-Time Favorite Recipes

Published September 20, 2021

Plus, three ways to take advantage of late-summer produce

We’re starting the week with these scallops — one of my all-time favorite recipes, with results that are guaranteed to impress. Let me redirect you to our How To Buy Fish as a reminder, which includes the best advice: Know your fishmonger. He or she can tell you when fish came into the shop, where it’s from, and in an ideal world, the fishers. They understand the supply chain. They know the fishing seasons. In short, they know fish. And we’re going to pay more for it, as we should.

Scallops are often sold with their tendon, a stark white strip of gristle that attaches the muscle to the shell. If you’re cooking just a few scallops, or making ceviche, or have a little extra time, just strip it off with your fingers. It’s not necessary, but this tendon is pretty chewy.