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Is This THE Best Way to Cook Eggplant?

Published December 5, 2023

Two ingredients, plus whatever seasoning you’d like, and you’ve got something fancy

All photos: Holly Haines

As obvious as it is, I never thought to make an omelet with a single egg until I read Kate’s piece a few weeks ago. Now, I’ve made more than a dozen tiny omelets, each time a little different than the last. There’s usually a handful of whatever cheese is in the fridge, or the addition of one of the five variations of chili crisp that I have on hand, as Kate suggests, but the version I keep coming back to the most is the Filipino-inspired single-egg tortang talong, which translates to “eggplant omelet.”  It’s only two ingredients — an egg and an eggplant, but the process of charring the eggplant black before peeling and dipping it in scrambled egg turns it into something special. 

This takes a few more minutes than Kate’s four-minute single-egg omelet, but it’s simple just the same.