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Lazy Noodles Are Strangely Great

Published July 29, 2022

Try them simply dressed or jazzed-up with sauces

My three-year-old watches a truly horrific sing-along TV show. I think it might be created by a cult. I hate it. One of the songs has a line about chicken and dumplings. Every time my kid hears it, he asks me for a chicken dumpling. Not chicken and dumplings, which he doesn’t know about —yet. A chicken dumpling, like the kind you might get at a Chinese restaurant. 

The first time he asked, I chose to interpret the request as a challenge to see how fast I could produce a single homemade chicken dumpling. As it turns out, if you’re blessed with low standards, you can make a dumpling pretty fast. Smush together tiny amounts of flour and water into a dough, roll it into a “circle,” fill it with chopped microwaved chicken nuggets, crimp it shut and boil it. Honestly, with some soy sauce for dipping it’s kind of good. (It’s also staggeringly inefficient, but whatever.)