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Japanese Egg Crepe “Noodles”

Japanese egg crepe “noodles” fall somewhere on the spectrum between obvious kitchen hack and total revelation. They’re basically super-thin omelets cooked in a nonstick skillet, rolled up, and cut into strips. Those strips are your noodles. Ta-da!

Feeding Ukrainian Refugees in Spain

It’s not what you’d think

Lazy Noodles Are Strangely Great

Try them simply dressed or jazzed-up with sauces

Don't Salt Your Pasta Water!

An unorthodox way to cook spaghetti with clam sauce

I Found Solace in a Vat of Bubbling Oil

And perfected a version of fried squid or fried chicken with lemongrass-fish-sauce caramel

Want to Get Better at Eating Seasonally?


The Dinner Rut Is Real. Here Are 3 Ways Out

Deep-fried tofu, the case for ricotta as pasta sauce, and fish salad 2.0

What *Actually* Makes a Meal Satisfying?

Taste is only the beginning.Thanks for visiting The Bittman Project, a place where food is…


This Foolproof Soup Is Restaurant Quality

Actually, it’s better. (Plus, 30-minute Bánh Mì and the case for refried beans.)

VIDEO: How To Make Flour Tortillas

Nothing about the process is difficult

You Can Use Tortillas for More Flavors Than You'd Think

Vegan charred carrot tacos, 2 ways

Want to Eat Vegan and Sacrifice Nothing? Make This Saag Paneer

And other recipes for dinner inspiration

This Tongue-Tingling Side Dish Steals the Show

Sichuan-style cucumbers are impossible to resist

We Are Rounding the Corner Toward Spring

This week’s ‘Gahhhh! What’s for Dinner?’ is a winter send-off

Sichuan-Style Tofu and Eggplant, Jam-Packed (Vegan) Burritos, and the Second Best Thing You Can Do With Vinegar

Gaah! What’s For Dinner #4

BONUS VIDEO: 7-Minute Squid and Kale Stew

It’s my toddler’s fault.

Szechuan-Spiced Fried Chicken

This bird (soaked in buttermilk and dredged in flour) starts out like “classic” southern fried chicken, but takes a turn at the end with a dusting of chile and Szechuan peppercorns. Combined, the heat of the chiles and tingling of the peppercorns makes this chicken kind of hard to put down.

It's Easy, It's Classy, And It's So Damn Good