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Make Better Food for School or Office Lunch

Published September 15, 2022

Real-world assemble-and-conquer strategies

You are about to look at five things from my fridge on Thursday, September 8, 2022. I’ll spin them into a week of lunch ideas at the bottom of this piece. But before we get to the instructional photos and wee chit-chat, let’s get through my usual somewhat bossy home-economics directives. The idea is to inspire a new way to prepare and pack food for the school or office.

If you cook with some regularity, interesting lunches are a snap. By interesting, I mean beyond reheating leftovers or making deli-counter-style sandwiches. And though no one is asking you to cook all day Sunday for the week, you do need to project your attention toward future meals. Making a big salad? Instead of taking what you need and letting the rest hide in the produce drawer, prep the entire kit and kaboodle.