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Mark, Kerri, and Two Days of Peak Summer Cooking

Published August 21, 2023

A kitchen adventure play-by-play, plus Mark’s new recipe

Kerri: The bucket of pig slop was so fresh I didn’t even know it was in the back seat when Mark picked me up at the train station. “If the compost is that good,” I thought, watching Mark sling a colorful stew of corn husks, tomato cores, and cucumber peels over the fence for the clamoring critters, “our food is going to be amazing.”

It’s always inspiring to cook with Mark. And I was extra excited to be visiting Glynwood during the summer. After 10 days in Manhattan working on the photo shoot for his next book and enjoying a steady diet of restaurant food, it was past time to get my hands on some just-picked produce. The only downside was that Kathleen was out of town, so I missed her this visit.