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Mostly Eating, in the World’s Largest City

Published April 10, 2024

And my thoughts on leaving Japan (I would have stayed longer if I could)

Merguez at Pignon, Tokyo. Photo: Instagram/@pignontokyo

No podcast today! We’re back next week — Bill McKibben will be joining Mark for a brand new Earth Day episode. —kb

Like most great cities, Tokyo seems endlessly fascinating, and one thing about it is almost immediately clear, even on a five-day visit: It is more livable than any other large city, especially since it’s actually the world’s biggest, with over 37 million people. I would imagine the urban studies types have a blast here. Neighborhoods are built around walking streets, on-street parking is practically nonexistent (you need to demonstrate that you own or have a long-term lease on a parking space in order to buy a car), the subway/train service is superb, the shops are mostly quite small (of course there are big-box and stupid designer stores as well, and the rents are relatively low.