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Need a New Quarantine Go-To? Watch This 1-Minute Video

Published May 8, 2020

A lot of you have been asking for easy, simple recipes that you can cook while hunkered down at home; dishes that don’t take much time or work or planning, and that don’t require many ingredients. I figured that the best thing might just be to show you (as in a video) one of my all-time favorites: Migas.

So, I got a production crew to come out to my house for a few days to really do this project justice. Just kidding; I shot the video in 3 minutes with my phone in one hand and a spoon in the other (it’s really weird watching what you’re cooking through a lens while you’re cooking it). Anyway, it may not be award-winning cinema (though that has not been officially confirmed), but whatever it lacks in style it makes up for in utility. It’s a little over a minute long, and if you watch it once you’ll know how to make migas. And, in my experience, once you know how to make migas, you’ll make migas for the rest of your life.

This dish could not be simpler: coarsely chopped/torn pieces of bread sautéed in olive oil until crisp, with eggs scrambled in at the end. You can leave it at that, or build on it as you like: Chorizo (Spanish or Mexican) and onion sautéed and removed before starting the bread (add it back at the end); smoked paprika or cumin sprinkled onto the bread once it’s almost crisp; shredded cheese or sautéed greens folded into the eggs. All of these are excellent options, and just the beginning.

Migas are breakfast food, but, as you know, those distinctions don’t mean much to me, especially now that we’re all just cooking with whatever we can get our hands on. They’re fast, easy, and comforting any time of day, which I think makes them exactly right for this moment that we’re in.


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