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Proteins Roasting in a Red Hot Oven

Published December 5, 2022

Tofu, fish, chicken, or pork—for Holiday celebrations and everyday warmth

I hope you haven’t put away your electric knife. The weeks between Thanksgiving and January 1st are peak time for roasts. In general, the offerings here are faster than anything you’d do in a slow cooker, but feature the same walk-away ease. You can season the outside simply, do the roasting in advance if you like, and nibble away on the leftovers for the rest of the week.

If big hunks of meat aren’t your thing — or in your budget — bear in mind that roasts are ideal for tipping the balance of flora-to-fauna on your plate: They can serve a lot of people. Or skip the meat all together and go for the custardy-on-the-inside, crusty-on-the-outside roasted tofu.