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Put It In a Wonton

Published February 23, 2023

Here’s a fantastic anti-leftovers hack — which is also fantastically delicious

I am not a fan of leftovers—I feel like life is too short to eat the same meal twice. So, if I am eating leftovers, they have to be remixed into something completely new. Enter wonton soup, one of my favorite vehicles to turn yesterday’s leftovers into today’s new dish. 

If you haven’t read Kerri and Mark’s piece on The Four Truths of Easy, Flexible Soups, I recommend starting there. A pack of store-bought wonton wrappers is a fridge staple for me, so my kitchen truth number one of The Four Truths— You’ve already got whatever you need—still holds. Maybe this will inspire you to pick up a pack of wrappers next time you’re at the market so it can apply to you, too. Wrappers are usually sold in packs of 30-50 in the refrigerated section of major grocery stores (usually in the area with kimchi, tofu and vegan sausage); leftover wrappers can be stacked, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and stored in an airtight container; use them within 6 months.