Recipes / Bastardized Korean-Style Street Toast

Bastardized Korean-Style Street Toast

By Adam Ried

Published April 15, 2024

As I understand it, in Korea the standard operating procedure for this sandwich is to use soft white bread, a fair amount of sugar, and hefty doses of both ketchup and mayo. I take liberties with all those elements, hence “bastardized.”

Photo: Adam Ried
Photo: Adam Ried
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In fact, so long as cabbage and an allium are present, I often take yet more liberties, such as switching between onion and shallot (based on which is within easier reach), adding julienned red bell pepper and/or jalapeño (or substituting it for the carrot), and ditching the meat and/or cheese and the condiments. The moral of the story is that I consider the formula flexible and easy to bend to individual preference and ingredient availability.

Two ingredient tips, if I may: First, don’t use thin-sliced bread for this…. it won’t hold up against the moisture in the vegetables. Second, if you opt for the cheese, go with a good melter like a young cheddar, Monterey or pepper jack, Gouda, or Fontina.