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Cauliflower Soup, Italian Style

By The Editors

Published April 3, 2024

This two-step technique is how many people cook vegetables in Italy, and it turns almost any vegetable into a soup — or pasta sauce — in a sec. Garlic, pepper, and oil are the distinguishing characteristics, with bread in some form often in the mix.

cauliflower soup
Photo: Burcu Avsar and Zach DeSart
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Try the same method on broccoli or broccoli raab, celery, cabbage, winter or summer squash, or Brus- sels sprouts. Instead of topping it with croutons, try a grated sharp cheese like Parmesan, pecorino Romano, or ricotta salata, a dollop of fresh cheese like ricotta or goat cheese, crumbled feta, or chopped hard-boiled eggs.


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Cauliflower Soup, Italian Style

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