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Chile Chicken Chilaquiles

Published January 4, 2024

Everywhere bread is traditional, people developed the means to use it stale— think of Italy’s crostini, or fattoush, the pita salads of the Middle East. Chilaquiles—scrambled tortilla strips—are Mexico’s contribution. Traditional versions often include eggs and/or salsa to soften and flavor the tortillas, with meat stirred in as almost an afterthought.

Photo: Daniel Meyer
Photo: Daniel Meyer

If you’re going to use chicken, consider thighs (which are less expensive and more flavorful). To make this vegetarian, skip the chicken and add a couple of eggs scrambled during the last few minutes of cooking; to make it vegan (and cheaper), add a handful of cooked or canned pinto beans instead.

One technical note: Charring and peeling poblanos is the classic method, but if you cut them up small or thin enough, you can skip this step.