Recipes / Ironed Toast with Maple-Cranberry Compote

Ironed Toast with Maple-Cranberry Compote

By The Editors

Published June 17, 2024

Waffles make brunch feel special. Cooking French toast in a waffle iron is even more special, since you still get all the nooks and crannies but don’t have to fuss with a batter.

Ironed toast
Photo: Kerri Conan
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Some technical tips: The festive compote can be cooked up to a week ahead and stored in the refrigerator (ditto any that you don’t eat right away). Choose whatever bread you like, keeping in mind that fluffier, rich slices like brioche or challah will cook up softer than hearty bread like those that include whole grains. English muffins are a nice option, too. I encourage you to cook extra; leftovers reheat and crisp beautifully in the toaster straight out of the freezer.


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Ironed Toast with Maple-Cranberry Compote

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