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Potato “Nik”

By Mark Bittman

Published February 29, 2024

I love crisp, crunchy potato pancakes (also known as latkes) but they’re a pain to cook one by one. Fortunately there’s potato nik, my grandmother’s clever solution with the mysterious, unexplained name. I figure one nik equals twenty latkes, and you can actually walk away from it for a few minutes while it cooks. Plus, it stays hot for a long time and is delicious warm or at room temperature.

Photo: Sabra Krock for The New York Times
Photo: Sabra Krock for The New York Times
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For those occasions when you absolutely must have individual latkes, see the first variation. This is delicious served with your choice of sour cream, applesauce, chutney, or hot sauce. Other vegetables you can use: sweet potatoes (cook over slightly lower heat for about 5 minutes less per side); a combination of potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots, or turnips.


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Potato “Nik”

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