Recipes / Refried Red Lentils with Tajín Salsa

Refried Red Lentils with Tajín Salsa

By Kerri Conan

Published March 25, 2024

Yes, you can have vegan refried beans from scratch with a perfectly seasoned homemade salsa, made as rich as traditional lard-laced pintos—in well under an hour. How is that even possible? With a one-skillet technique based on red lentils, unsweetened coconut cream, and canned diced tomatoes.

Photo: Kerri Conan
Photo: Kerri Conan
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The recipe here takes advantage of the spice blend of the moment, Tajín. But don’t worry, the ingredient list gives you an easy work-around if you don’t have a bottle. Be sure to check out the list that follows for additions and accompaniments. Then eat these refrieds as you would any others, or spread a layer on the bottom of a big plate and top with a tangle of dressed salad or lightly cooked vegetables.


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Refried Red Lentils with Tajín Salsa

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