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Soba Salad

By Mark Bittman

Published February 27, 2024

For most people, even experienced cooks, weeknight dinners are not so much a result of careful planning but of what’s on hand — and what can be accomplished fairly quickly. Noodles of all kinds are easy and beloved. But soba noodles, a Japanese staple, are special: they usually take no more than 3 to 4 minutes to cook and, because they’re made from buckwheat, have a slightly firm texture and a nutty flavor.

Photo: Andrew Scrivani
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Traditionally, soba are served hot and cold, making them a flexible partner for almost any fresh ingredients you have in the kitchen. In this case, they’re paired with shelled frozen edamame, carrots and spinach, and a light dressing.


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Soba Salad

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