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Toya Boudy’s Eggs & Rice

By The Editors

Published March 7, 2023

Any local who grew up in the 1980s and '90s would agree that Eggs & Rice is a quick kitchen gem. If you didn't want to eat what was cooked, or if you didn't feel like making a sandwich, you made Eggs & Rice. — Toya Boudy

Toya Boudy’s Eggs & Rice - The Bittman Project
Toya Boudy's Eggs & Rice. Photo: Kate Bittman
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My mom always kept a Pyrex dish filled with cooked rice because we ate a lot of meals with rice and then half the job was already done. I loved getting creative as a kid, adding green onions or cut-up pieces of luncheon meat if I was feeling fancy-schmancy. But the original is my favorite. Even now I’ll make a big pan and it’s something everyone’s always in the mood for, day or night. — Toya Boudy, Cooking for the Culture


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Toya Boudy’s Eggs & Rice

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