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Roasted Leftover Pasta

Published March 31, 2018

Mark’s idea for roasting leftover pasta hit me like a ton of parmesan wedges. All this time I’d been hashing sauced noodles in a skillet on the stove, adding this and that for heft while it crisped and sizzled in fresh fat. Roasting pasta takes the stirring out of the equation, eliminating the potential for mush. He says it’s like instant lasagna—crisp around the edges and soft inside. Count me in.

Only I had no pasta in the fridge. Just three components in the freezer to repurpose: Lightly sauced linguini marinara (the base), eight cooked porcini ravioli (for punctuation), baked chicken parmesan thigh cutlets (chopped into a streusel-like crunchy topping maybe?). Fine. I’d put Mark’s concept to a stress test. And no surprise, his idea is both flexible and awesome. Tune in to the vid for the details.