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Seacuterie: The Food of Dreams

Published March 30, 2023

An explainer, plus how to immediately get yourself some

In the spirit of “Know Your Fishmonger,” I’d like to introduce you to mine: Tommy Gomes, aka Tommy the Fishmonger, is a 4th generation fisherman in San Diego, and a passionate voice for all things sustainable seafood. You may know him from his show The Fishmonger on The Outdoor Channel and Amazon Prime.

In 2022, Tommy opened Tunaville Market & Grocery with longtime friend Mitch Conniff, owner of Mitch’s Seafood; there you’ll find fish plates and tacos made with the same fresh-caught seafood you’d see in the market, just a five minute walk away. On the wall behind the fresh fish case hangs a list of fishing vessels and what they’ve hauled in for the week—Tunaville specializes in local fish and supporting sustainable fishing practices. And, for me, it is also the seafood version of Disneyland.