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Two Cooks, Three Squashes = Seven Recipes for the Season

Published October 30, 2023

Holly and Kerri finally meet—let the food magic commence!

Kerri: Holly and I carved out our plan to write a piece together without knowing we’d end up celebrating winter squash on All Jack-o-Lantern’s Eve. I was going to be right up the road from Holly, near San Diego, visiting family around the autumn equinox. The idea was to meet at a bountiful farm stand (she’ll tell you all about that in a minute), pick the same seasonal produce, return to our respective kitchens, then circle back—recipes in hand—for a post on The Bittman Project.

Holly: Finally, Kerri and I are in the same city at the same time! I could not wait to take her to my favorite farm stand, Chino Farm. They arguably grow the best produce in San Diego county, maybe the best in Southern California. The 45-acre farm prizes flavor above all else, and the stand was thick with winter squash when we arrived—at least eight different varieties. We each got one each of spaghetti squash, blue hubbard squash, and my personal favorite, koginut.