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Welcome To My Lunchtime Pasta Project

Published June 1, 2021

Where a cacio e pepe frittata is just the beginning

I wouldn’t say I intentionally started a lunchtime pasta project, but I was missing pasta — for some reason, I hadn’t had any in a little while — and it just happened. I’m not sure why it would ever stop. 

It began with the need for something fast, and with no time and plenty of pecorino, I produced some cacio e pepe. That led, the next day, to one of my favorite dishes of the last couple of weeks, a pasta frittata with a base of leftover cacio e pepe and the stems and some of the tops of some early season flowering kale. (Chop stems; cook with flowers in about a half-inch of not-too-salted water, right in the saute pan for a few minutes. Add olive oil and a cup or two of pasta; toss a bit. Add beaten eggs and cook as any frittata. If your cacio e pepe is good, it will need almost no seasoning. You can imagine the variations on this, but any cooked green will work.)