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What Comes Next in Our Meatless Burger Project

Published June 23, 2021

Welcome back to Burgerville: We’re building on your ideas

It’s been four weeks since we set out to Design the Best Meatless Burger and the response has been immediate and bold. Between the communities here and on Mark’s Facebook page, we’ve gathered hundreds of comments and ideas, including some cheerleading on Twitter from @chefjoseandres.

Thank you one and all for participating. And a wee reminder our work is ongoing. It’s clear from the range of responses we have a lot more to talk about. Many you are eager to try something that’s not commercially processed from tons of ingredients and easy to make at home. That is our mission, too. What we didn’t expect was the number of people who said something akin to, “Just throw a portabella mushroom on the grill, slap it in a bun, and call it a burger.” (We totally get that, trust us.)