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When Road Food Makes the Trip

Published August 11, 2022

A mix of packing and snacking makes the miles fly by

My first road trips go back to the days of powder blue Continentals with coach doors. I’ve always favored rest-stop picnics over drive-thrus. And my wilderness junkets have spanned the range between under-the-stars sleepouts — complete with a dorm room bedroll and a six-pack pillow — and grown-up glamping. I’ve been on two road trips this year.

I’m hoping these bona fides are enough to kick off a chat about ideas for taking good food along for the ride. Whether you like to camp, rent a cabin, or visit friends you’ve still got a few weeks of car trekking left in the summer. And maybe you’ll even sneak a long weekend or two into fall or winter. It’s better than flying right now, right?