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When the Kitchen Gets Hot, Reach for Magic Mayo

Published July 21, 2021

Yay! Leftovers! Episode 4

For a moment, let’s pretend everyone agrees that mayonnaise is magical. Because it is. Whether you prefer a vegannaise — or none at all — once you spike this polarizing sauce with other ingredients, and essentially treat it like a butter or cream sauce, powerful forces send haters into shock and lovers over the moon. And the best place to unleash this magic is on leftovers.

To make the case, I’ve divided the possibilities into six categories by flavor traits: herby, assertive, hot, savory, sweet, and tangy. You can dabble in more than one category of course. Just taste as you go, since there really isn’t a recipe beyond what you have handy. Then sock it away in the fridge for a week or so (or a few days if using homemade mayo or vegannaise).