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When You Keep Chickens, Eggs Are Dinner

Published September 27, 2021

Plus, how to turn tofu into “chorizo” tacos

I live on a farm. In my case, that means there are chickens roaming around, which also means an abundance of eggs. (In the photos above you can see me tending to the coop with my grandson on the left, and that’s Terry on the right.) There is a wire basket of eggs on my kitchen counter most of the time, so it’s fair to say that they pretty regularly find their way into whatever I happen to be cooking.

Today’s recipes lean into eggs. I wouldn’t necessarily call these dishes “breakfast for dinner” —my definitions of what’s appropriate for any given meal are pretty fluid — but they certainly tilt in that direction. And for whatever it’s worth, cooking what you might think of as traditional breakfast foods for dinner — or, for that matter, traditional dinner foods for breakfast — is a great way to shake up your repertoire and jolt yourself out of any cooking ruts you might find yourself in.