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Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda in the Kitchen

Published April 24, 2023

This spring chicken went to market, and a few things went awry …

Part of my contribution to our community is to generate recipe ideas, try them out, and share the results here. Last weekend, after coming home from the farmer’s market—loaded with ramps, radishes, rhubarb, green garlic, and fiddleheads—I was excited to focus today’s post on spring vegetables cooked and paired with chicken.

And I still am. Only this story isn’t all daffodils and tulips. You know how it goes in the kitchen sometimes: There are occasionally things you would have, could have, or should have done another way. Even the very best intentions for creating delicious food can run afoul. We’re dealing with heat, liquid, and semi-precious seasonal ingredients, after all. And since my goal is to make mistakes so you don’t have to, I’m pulling back the curtain on the sausage-making in these three “Spring Chicken” recipes: