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14 Ways to Eat a Zucchini

Published June 13, 2022

The season has just begun

While there are plenty of squash blossoms at farmers markets and in restaurants, we’re starting to see actual zucchini, too. And while it’s not the most beloved vegetable, zucchini has a lot going for it. It’s firm enough to stand up to all cooking methods, tender enough to eat raw, quick-cooking, and amenable to all kinds of flavors.

Mark likes to look for the smallest zucchini, available now. They don’t necessarily have to be designated as the “baby” variety, but something under six inches long and an inch or so in diameter is ideal; it will have better flavor and smaller, less cottony seeds. In addition to the One-Pot Pasta with Lemony Zucchini, members will find a collection of 13 more zucchini recipes. They include: