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28 Comfort Food Recipes For After You VOTE

Published October 30, 2020

Before getting to today’s recipes, I need to say this: My/our positions on the hot issues of our time are not exactly hidden, although we mostly talk about food. But for the last fifteen years, I have maintained that hiding behind the fun and excitement of “food” and cooking is cowardly: How food is produced, how it’s processed, what we eat, is about how we treat the land, each other, and ourselves. It matters, and so food policy matters.

So, right now, we have to be direct: You gotta vote, and you gotta vote for Joe Biden and for every single Democratic candidate on your ballot. (There may be local exceptions, but it’s going to be very hard to find a reason to pull the lever, or the e-equivalent, for a Republican.) The minute Biden becomes president, I (and most people I know) intend to be a part of the movement that pushes him towards the most progressive food policies this country has ever seen. Until then, the priority for people who see the truth is to get Donald Trump out of office.

There are a lot of people who subscribe to this newsletter, more than enough to have tipped the scales for Hillary Clinton or Al Gore (or, for that matter, for Richard Nixon in 1960!).

It’s conceivable that Trump could win outright, and fears of him trying to steal the election are certainly justified. Rather than indulge in paranoid fantasies, however, to repeat the news stories you’re reading elsewhere, or even to reiterate the many, many reasons it’s important to prioritize de-Trumpifying America so we can move towards tolerance, fairness, sustainability, love, and so on, and away from hate and what the Trumpites call “greatness” (i.e. whiteness), I will just say it again: Please vote.

I realize this email is going to alienate a small percentage of subscribers, and I would implore that minority to think very carefully before voting for a sociopath, and I will miss you. Some things are more important than what’s for dinner. Our recipes will always be here; I’m worried about democracy being here.

With that being said: This is a stressful time. Covid, the election, and, for many, the general reduction (or flat out disappearance) of the things we rely on: health, jobs, childcare, social contact, travel, fun, and more. I can’t even begin to offer the kind of real support that so many of us need right now; all I can do is offer comfort in the form of food.

For many, myself included, cooking is a way to manage stress. To cope with the anxiety, we compiled a list of our favorite comfort food dishes, the things we make when we want to move our mental health to the front burner (that’s certainly not to say all of these recipes are unhealthy, but let’s just say you won’t find much in the way of green salads).

We came up with 28 recipes: there are cheesy things, carb-y things, fried things, warming soups and stews, and, of course, sugar—white death for sure, but all things in balance! You can find them all by clicking on the photo above or the button below.

Here’s hoping that you can find a way to do whatever you need to do to stay safe, sane, and well fed. See you Tuesday.

With hope,


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