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5 Small Things to Make Good Food Great

Published September 14, 2021

Amp up everyday dishes

I have a five-year-old, so I make a lot of pancakes and waffles. And I freeze them, so they’re readily available for a quick toaster oven breakfast. The other day, I left a pancake in there a bit longer than I normally would, and it was so much better than it normally is. Because the edges got super crispy, and the top was a perfect toasty brown. And I thought: How many everyday foods can we eat in more exciting ways with just one tiny change? Well, lucky for you, we made a list.

Jazz Up Your Pancakes and Waffles

So, to elaborate on the above: Put your leftover pancakes or waffles in the freezer. Reheat in the toaster oven at 375°F or so until crisp to your liking (start with seven minutes or so, and then keep checking). If you want to take it further, try sprinkling your vehicle of choice with cheese (pancake rarebits or Welsh Waffles, anyone?), or make a pancake or waffle sandwich (peanut butter and banana, butter or cream cheese and jam, etc.), or cut them into croutons for salad or soup.