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24 Summer Recipes

Summer officially begins in less than two weeks, and when the weather changes, we all tend to cook differently. Food feels fresher, there’s more and better fruit readily available, maybe you’ve got a grill that gets put to use (Mark uses his in the winter, too). As one of many thank yous we aim to give to our members, here you’ll find our summer recipe collection – a carefully chosen group of 24 dishes, perfect for now.

The Silver Palate’s Linguine with Tomatoes and Basil (and Brie)

I make this pasta every summer, and look forward to making it every summer. It’s unusual and wonderful and decadent – just go with the copious amount of brie, because you’ll be so glad you did, and it’s the ultimate summertime treat.


Food with Mark Bittman: Fadi Kattan

The chef and author talks to Mark and Kate about the dangers of simplifying reality; why we should recognize and champion origin, and how doing so is a lesson in humility; the effect the Israeli conflict has had, and continues to have, on agriculture; and his new book, which is a loving tribute to his home, Bethlehem. 


Fifteen-Minute Fruit Gratin

Holy strawberry heaven (or any other fruit you can get your hands on). Topped with heavy cream and sugar, and then broiled. What could go wrong?! (A note: I somehow thought this would be like strawberries and cream. It’s not. It’s a lot runnier, because, hello, warm juice and strawberry-scented dairy. Eat it in a bowl, solo, or you could even put it on top of, say, a brownie. That would not be bad.)

Shrimp with Asparagus, Dill, and Spice

This is a gem from Mark’s OG Kitchen Express, which is the book version of all those lists everyone loves so much. The butter plus hot sauce plus Worcestershire plus lemon juice makes sort of a broth that is irresistible, and I don’t know about you, but I love dill.


Our Annual Father’s Day Gift Guide

Beautiful cookware, consciously-made shoes, sweet personalized things, elevated headphones, an amazing food recycler, the gift of sleep, the best coffee, and food, and food, and food.


Food with Mark Bittman: Ed and Ryan Mitchell

Ed and Ryan Mitchell, the dynamic father/son duo, talk to the father/daughter duo (Mark and Kate) about their respective paths to pitmaster, transforming the tradition of authentic barbecue into a pure labor of love, and why working together ended up being the best thing for both of them.


How to Outfit Your Kitchen – Efficiently and Beautifully

Do you ever feel tempted to buy a full set of new pots and pans? Especially given all the shiny, exciting choices out there. But what you buy should be dictated by how you cook, not what manufacturers can make look good; it should be chosen to fit your style of cooking and the foods you like to make. Here, a guide to what’s essential – and what’s not.


Everything You Need to Know about “Cruel and Unusual” Foods

How do you measure cruelty? Is it a human quality to oppose cruelty to animals? Do we care more about animals that are cute and smart? Once we’ve said yes to factory farming, does it become difficult, morally, to parse out other specific practices (such as force-feeding a young duck)? And when it comes to change, where does the responsibility lie – who should be driving that change? Today, in partnership with FoodPrint’s “What You’re Eating” podcast, we explore the idea of “cruel and unusual” foods – namely veal, foie gras, and octopus.


Food with Mark Bittman: A.J. Jacobs

The author of The Year of Living Constitutionally talks to Mark and Kate about how he threw an 18th century dinner party and what we can all learn from it; the things that people in the 1700s got right when it came to elections; the reactions he got when he walked around Manhattan with a tricorne hat and carrying a musket; and his family’s reaction to his year of attempting to follow the original meaning of the Constitution.


Your Kitchen, Except Better

We were on a mission to find some excellent kitchen tips and tricks, and we did just that, as evidenced here – all paired with recipes that put each tip to good use. Cold butter made room temp, perfectly seasoned meatballs, salads ASAP, easy herb chopping, an easier way to use parchment, making the best use of your broiler, and more.

Food with Mark Bittman: Chantha Nguon

The author and cook talks to Kate about what she remembers about fleeing her home in Cambodia at the age of nine, five years before the genocide; how the memory of her mother’s cooking saved her life; why, and how, she decided to reclaim her family’s recipes; and what brings her true happiness now.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe makes for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, in my opinion. Perfectly crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. Mark prefers chocolate chunks — I like chips. Your pick.


Our Annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The most charming glassware, a beautiful sweater, Mark’s go-to flowers, things to eat, a cozy blanket, lots of jewelry, some of our favorite cookware, and much more. And, as always, if you can’t buy for a mom, or don’t want to buy for a mom – buy something for yourself.


Food with Mark Bittman: Alain Ducasse

The innovative chef talks to Kate about the importance of cultivating one’s own identity, notably when it comes to food; why he’s not in the business of nostalgia; his unique ability to read the taste of food; and his new memoir, Good Taste. PLUS: More from food stylist Barrett Washburne, who talks to Kate about wasted plate space, giving props to prop stylists, and how to style brown food.


Ignacio Blanco’s Gazpacho

Ignacio Blanco is responsible for the best gazpacho I’ve ever had, the melon-colored gazpacho that tastes like it’s got a ton of cream in it, but it doesn’t.

The Single-Egg Omelet

Most omelets that you order in a diner, or any restaurant, for that matter, are basically the same: They’re enormous, they’re bloated, and they contain so much egg that the fillings tend to get lost. I want a perfect egg to cheese ratio: 1 to 1. Yes, I said it: 1 to 1. And you know what gives you that? This.


Sweet Potatoes Escabeche

Escabeche is a preparation that I love, as it typically utilizes a lot of vinegar and hot peppers. In this grilled (or griddled, or broiled) take, charred sweet potatoes soak up a bright, tasty sauce — garlic, ginger, chile, soy — as they cool. Don’t be afraid to get the potatoes very crispy on the outside — it will help retain some texture in the final dish.