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A Handful of Holiday Sweets

Published December 15, 2021

Cookies, fruits, cakes, and pudding to sweeten up your December

We’ve got gingersnaps, lemon curd that goes well with just about anything, 7 variations on biscotti, poached pears, an upside-down cake, rice putting, a bourbon apple cake, and more for your holiday. Have a favorite recipe? Don’t forget to join us for our member discussion on Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. EST — we’ll send you the email reminder as we get started. Bring your favorite recipe and consider it an informal swap. Missed a chat? Conversation threads live here on the site. — Melissa

Let’s start with cookies. Refrigerator cookies — also called rolled cookies, because they can be rolled out and cut with a lightly floured cookie cutter (or that old standby, a glass) — must be made in advance. This can be an advantage because you can make the dough days ahead and bake them whenever you get the urge. It’s a disadvantage when you don’t have the dough but you want cookies, like right now. One of our favorite refrigerator cookies that borders on savory is a gingersnap.