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The Cookout You Never Knew You Needed

Feeling lonely and bored, Mike and his wife Zoraida sent out an email to roughly fifty of their neighbors that read, “On the last Sunday of each warm month, starting in April, our yard will be open to you and your kids all afternoon for eating, drinking, playing, soaking in the outdoor tub, and even napping in the hammock or camper if you need to sleep off the hooch!” The night before the first cookout – there have now been two – the couple lay there in dread, certain they’d made an irreversible mistake. But happiness ensued.

This (Vegetarian) Sandwich is Delicious Beyond Its Years

It’s succulent broccoli raab, yuba (sometimes called soy skins), mashed chickpeas, and more, on a soft, short hero roll with a light, crisp exterior. After the first chomp, my whole body relaxed, as if my system had shut down to upload a new program. I wish I could eat the Yuba Verde all the time; in the meantime, I’ve experimented with making it at home.

Broccoli Raab with Garlic and Chile Flakes

Great on its own; even better on a Yuba Sandwich.

Yuba Sandwich

The best yuba sandwich I’ve made at home so far was heavily influenced by the Yuba Verde at Superiority Burger in NYC (though I recommend you go get the real thing). It combines broccoli raab, Cento cherry pepper spread, pickled carrots, mashed chickpeas, and yuba, blowtorched and marinated in a homemade Italian dressing.

One Singular Sancocho

You can eat a dish a thousand times and still be utterly ignorant of how it should really taste – until you chance upon a version prepared the right way, with the right ingredients, in the proper context.

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The Everyday Glories of the Menú del Día

Food that soothes the soul, friendly chatter, and a place to escape

Delores Fonda's Magic Cookie Bars

Delores Fonda’s Magic Cookie Bars

Magic Cookie Bars are a must at our Christmas table. Until last year, my grandmother, Delores Fonda, made them. She recommends eating them frozen. Indeed, they are much better that way and soft enough for whatever reason. She can’t travel or cook anymore and I asked her if we can share the recipe. She doesn’t care. I can actually picture her with her arms crossed in her chair, shrugging and saying, “I don’t care”

So, here is the recipe!

A Leisurely Mediterranean Life … in New York

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Tales of an Accidental Cooking Club

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A Good Problem to Have

Putting vegetables on a pedestal