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BONUS VIDEO: 7-Minute Squid and Kale Stew

Published March 8, 2021

It’s my toddler’s fault.

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I (Daniel) have a toddler who loves to stand on a stool at the stove and “cook” (see below). Sometimes this means making pancakes while trying not to let him smush his hand or face into anything hot. Other times it means pouring goldfish crackers, cooked noodles and God knows what else into a cold pan and letting him go to town. Either way, it can be kind of hard to get any real cooking done when he’s around, so dishes that can come together VERY quickly before he gets home or after he goes to bed are clutch. This is one of those dishes: a squid and kale stew cooked start to finish in 7 minutes. Not elegant, but necessary (and very tasty as it turned out).