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In Kenya, Food Sovereignty Is Alive and Well

Careful readers of The Bittman Project will note that we are increasingly giving active support to some of our especially like-minded partners. Among these is Agroecology Fund, a participatory grantmaking fund that supports agroecology movements from Mexico to Mali to Malaysia.

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Cow Milk Mafia

Astonishingly, if your school participates in the school lunch program, federal law makes it illegal for students to publicly criticize…

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More About Ozempic, Obesity, and the Real Cure

As I’m lucky to be both a friend and a colleague of David Katz, who has more authority in this field than I do, I’m going to provide you with links to a couple of stories he’s written that further amplify the notion that we’re both trying to get across: That calling obesity a ‘disease’ is not only incorrect from a medical perspective, it blames the victim and willfully ignores the causes of this ‘disease.’

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Food Waste Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Why worry about the corn husk when the corn itself is grown for nonsensical purposes? No one is going to…

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My Most Important Project Yet

Plus: Dishing with the Sesame Street monsters, the good kind of summer rain, and the best daily chore This Week’s…

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How to Catch Salmon in the Beautiful, Complicated Alaskan Waters

Going along for the ride as a master reels in what might be the best-tasting sustainable seafood there is


María Mercedes Grubb Will Not Be Denied

Through hurricanes, earthquakes, and a pandemic — not to mention the usual restaurant-world sexism — Grubb has managed to clear…

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Can Someone Please Explain To Me What the Hell We're Waiting For?

Electric cars and salads and solar power are barely even baby steps. We need to mount the equivalent of a…

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How to Embrace Fish Farming

From mussels to kelp, our oceans are telling us what to grow Fish is among the most challenging subjects in…

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Entirely Unrelated to Food

And incredibly important Please consider donating to one or both causes: Texas Elementary School Shooting Victims Fund Everytown for Gun…

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Why Are People Behaving Like Baby Despots?

Post pandemic, people are as rude to service workers as ever “Why are you making that face? Did I say…

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How Covid Is Changing the Feast-Fast Cycle of Shoreside Restaurants

Cheap rents, an exodus from cities, and demand for outdoor dining have led to a bump for out-of-the-way spots in…

Can Food Be Carbon Neutral?

Making sense of a new kind of claimMore consumers than ever want to help minimize greenhouse gas emissions when it…

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Remembering George Floyd

“George Floyd had big plans for life nearly 30 years ago. His death in police custody is powering a movement…

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Why So Many Filipino Farmers Are Being Killed For many people in the U.S. who have had to rethink or…

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Support Anti-Racist Food and Farming Organizations

For today’s newsletter, we’re sharing a list of anti-racist food and farming organizations that everyone should be supporting. I have…

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